Schedule an appointment with a content tutor via TutorTrac! All tutoring takes place in the Center or online via Zoom.  Detailed instructions for using TutorTrac are available to download, TutorTrac Student Instructions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, 816-271-4524.

If the course for which you need a tutor is NOT listed, you can request a tutor by calling Gigi Hriso at 816-271-4531 or filling out the Content Tutor Request form. Please request tutors early in the semester, as tutors must be hired and trained prior to assisting students. This process can take a couple weeks.

ACC 201 - Introductory Financial Accounting
Summer Grantham (Zhang)

ART 205 - Survey of Art History I
Paige Donohue (Rislow)
ART 221 - Digital Modeling
Ifeanyi Achobandu (Hriso)
ART 255 - Survey of Art History II
Paige Donohue (Rislow)
ART 257 - Theory and Criticism Visl Cul
Paige Donohue (Rislow)