RDG 095 Reading Skills Improvement is a course designed for students who need to improve their understanding of written expression. The focus of the course is on higher-level comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Students will learn how to:

  • Be an active and engaged reader
  • Actually remember what they read
  • Increase reading speed
  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Become a critical thinker
  • Find empowerment through reading

Students who have a score of 17 or below on the ACT Reading subscore or students who do not have an ACT score are automatically registered in RDG 095. The Reading Placement Exam is also known as the Next Generation Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Exam, a nationally administered, computerized placement test designed to provide placement and advising information for students entering college. It provides students with the opportunity to confirm their placement in the RDG 095 course and helps us to determine if they will benefit from and are required to take RDG 095. The exam is a self-paced test given on a computer and consists of reading comprehension (questions related to reading skills, such as identifying the main idea and making inferences) and sentence skills (questions related to sentence structure and grammar).

You may prepare for the reading placement exam as much as you wish. Accuplacer practice resources and practice reading tests are available online.

Quick facts to know about taking the Reading Placement Exam:

  1. You must be an MWSU student or future student to register. This includes incoming students who are signed up for Summer 2020 Griffon Orientation and Early College Academy students.
  2. Students must have Zoom installed on a computer (desktop or laptop) with a camera prior to the day of the exam.
  3. Register for the exam at https://intranet.missouriwestern.edu/cas/reading-exam/. Note: Students must use their MWSU email address to register for the exam.
  4. A maximum of two people may register for the same day/time. As days/times fill up, those appointments will be removed from the list.
  5. Students may take the Reading Placement Exam one time during the summer. Students who score 245 or above may take it a second time in a different week.
  6. To protect the integrity of the Reading Placement Exam, the following procedures will be followed during the exam:
    1. Students must show a photo ID to the proctor
    2. Prior to beginning the exam, students must be able to pick up their laptop/web camera/phone and show the proctor the room where they are taking the exam.
    3. No papers, other computers, books, etc., may be in the area.
    4. Proctors will watch each student take the exam to determine they do not receive any outside assistance.
    5. Students will receive their scores almost immediately. The proctor will discuss the score with the student. If a student scores 250 or above, their score will be shared with an advisor and their fall course schedule will change.

RDG 095 is required for freshman students who score 17 or below on the ACT reading section or score 249 or below on the Accuplacer Reading NG Exam.

Students who score 17 or below on the ACT reading section may elect to take the Reading Placement Exam prior to the beginning of the semester.

Reading is assigned in almost every college course offered on campus; therefore, being able to complete, understand and remember everything you read is vital to your success as a college student. For example, general study courses in history, psychology, and biology as well as English rely heavily on reading assignments from textbooks, magazines, newspapers and journals; therefore, being able to actively and critically read an essay, a chapter from a textbook or an article from a magazine or newspaper is crucial to your success in these classes.

As part of this course, your instructor will provide you with pre-reading, reading, note-taking and studying strategies. In addition, you will also go beyond comprehending the main points of a text, and strengthen your academic reading skills by recognizing supporting details and the organizational pattern of a text.

This course will help you to see connections between what and how you read in this course and in other courses. Moreover, reading can help you to make sense of your experiences and of your life by providing you with connections between yourself and your larger community. In this course, you will read and participate in lively and intellectually challenging discussions about topics that affect you and events that are taking place around you. This response to reading and exchange of ideas is the cornerstone of the true college experience and, after completing this course, you will be a better-prepared student and citizen. This course will enable you to succeed in academic reading comprehension.

No. If you are satisfied with placement according to Reading subsection of the ACT scores, you may accept that placement. Currently, a Reading subsection ACT score of 17 or lower places you in RDG 095. If you believe you have strong critical reading skills and wish to challenge this placement, you should consider taking the Reading Placement Exam. Note: Because RDG 095 is a developmental class below the 100-level, it does not count towards students’ credit for graduation.

Accuplacer Score Acceptance Policy

MWSU Developmental Reading Department has two ways to transfer in Accuplacer reading scores from another institution.

  1. Use the method presented by Accuplacer as well as Zoom with our staff and show proper ID.
    1. Go to the ACCUPLACER student portal
      • You’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, student ID, and where you took the test. If you don’t remember your student ID, contact the school where you took the test.
      • Submit your information and click “send reports.” ACCUPLACER will send a link to view and print your test results to the email address you provided when you took your ACCUPLACER test
    2. During this process, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to share your score with an institution. Choose Missouri Western State University. We will receive a notice to check the score. If you have a 250 or above on the Accuplacer Next-Gen Reading Comprehension exam, you do not have to do anything else. If you have a 249 or below, you may choose to take the RPE through MWSU by registering at https://intranet.missouriwestern.edu/cas/reading-exam/
  1. If you have a school documented printout of your testing scores you may;
    1. Email this to CAS@missouriwestern.edu 
    2. Request the proctor who administered the test call MWSU CAS to verify this score
      • Nancy Nelson at 816 271-4314 or
      • Susan Garrison at 816 271-4401.
    3. Set up a zoom meeting to present and verify your ID

No. You remain eligible for any class in which your R-ACT score would place you. This test is an additional way to receive a higher placement. You may also use the score to help you consider whether to take a lower course voluntarily.

You will receive your scores the same day.