Person reading braille

Accommodated Exams

The Griffon Testing Center removes barriers from quizzes and exams for MWSU students with disabilities. If you are an MWSU instructor who needs to utilize the Griffon Testing Center to make your quizzes and exams accessible for a student with a disability, please click the button below.

Accommodated Exam Request Form
Student filling out a testing bubble sheet

Make-up Exams

The Counseling Center provides proctoring for MWSU students needing to take a make-up exam. If you are an MWSU instructor needing to schedule a make-up exam for a student, click the button below.

Make-up Exam Request Form
Student taking a test

Remote Proctoring

The Counseling Center provides remote proctoring for MWSU students enrolled in distance education courses through other universities. If you are an instructor at another university needing to schedule a remotely proctored exam for an MWSU student enrolled in your course, click the button below.

Remote Proctoring Request Form