Technology Services (TS) provides Missouri Western’s faculty and students with computer and video-based technology and services to enhance educational outcomes. TS provides equipment, equipment maintenance, production and design services, programming, training, and consulting. Technology Services also serves non-academic sectors of the University and the community.

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Academic Computing Services within the Technology Services office is your contact for academic computing lab needs such as requesting software loads, reporting technical problems, printer maintenance, training on how to use Insight software, etc. Our goal is to make teaching and learning in the labs as productive and efficient as possible. If you have academic computing lab needs that should be addressed before the school semester, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make sure your needs are met before school starts.

For support on any academic computing lab technology needs contact Academic Computing Services at 271-5999 or labs@missouriwestern.edu.

Additionally, most academic labs will be scheduled centrally, through Scheduling Services. You may submit your request here or on the Scheduling Services webpage.


Adaptive Technology Services – What We Do

Adaptive Technology provides equipment, software, and training to assist students and faculty with functional limitations (e.g., visual and auditory limitations).

  • Converting textbooks, and class handouts and exams to digital files that can be displayed in large font, refresh-able braille or embossed, or used with screen reading software.
  • Provide speech to text and text to speech software and training on using this software.
  • Large monitors available per request
  • Listen assist hardware available per request

To initiate services from Adaptive Technology – What You Do

  • Have a referral from Accessibility Resource Center.
  • Call or email – to set up a meeting
  • Bring required documentation to meeting to determine potential strategies.
  • Complete training for assistive technology equipment/software received.
  • Discuss needed accommodations for each course, each semester: face to face meeting, via phone, or once established email is fine.
  • Give your Accommodation letter to your Professors and set up time to discuss your needs in class with the Professor. It is important you have an open dialogue with your professor about what things are difficult for you to access. We can’t fix it, if we don’t know it is broken. We can assist with communication, but this will be something you will need to learn to do on your own.


Classroom Services Staff provides the following services:

  • Train faculty, staff, students and visiting presenters to use Missouri Western classroom presentation technology.
  • Preplan the use of presentation technology and provide support to faculty, staff, students and visiting presenters during class time and/or special events.
  • Schedule and provide portable presentation equipment for additional campus needs.
  • Troubleshoot equipment problems during class time or an event to maintain the integrity of the situation and maintain classroom presentation equipment on a routine basis such that it functions consistently.
  • Assist with the design and/or implementation of new or renovated presentation rooms.
  • Provide a Classroom Information Guide

Please use the Equipment Request Form  to request for equipment.

For troubleshooting common problems, click here for details and you can go to the Knowledge Base for remedies.

Our Engineering Services staff perform the following tasks to support the many technical systems within the department, across campus and beyond.

  • Assists in the design of electronic instructional delivery systems supported by the IMC.
  • Installs and performs advanced troubleshooting and repairs on electronic equipment purchased by the IMC.
  • Serves as technical liaison to Suddenlink regarding engineering practices associated with on-campus Suddenlink distribution, Suddenlink Channel 39 and Missouri Western-EBS transmitters located at the Suddenlink tower.
  • Serves as the technical liaison to the MOREnet Video Services Group and to two-way video sites associated with video services.

The Video Equipment Cage office staff is responsible for checking out, organizing and maintaining the theatre, cinema and journalism production equipment.

It is located in Hearnes and can be contacted at (816) 271-4118 or cinemaequipment@missouriwestern.edu. Our Fall and Spring hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To view the guidelines and important information about the video equipment, click “Equipment Access Contract”.

We have created an online tutorial to explain the process of using our equipment reservation system. If you are having trouble please watch this video: Reservation Form Tutorial


IMC’s Video Services Staff supports Missouri Western by providing professional video services of all kinds. Our work includes:

  • Promotional Pieces
  • Department Spotlights
  • Special Lecture Tapings
  • Special Event Tapings
  • Interactive/Two-way Videoconferencing
  • Maintenance and Delivery of:

We consist of three full-time staff and rely on the support of student employees to satisfy the campus’ needs. Please contact us with all of your video needs.

The Web & Applications Programming Services staff provides the following services:

  • Web page design services for general informational and course-related websites.
  • Instructional design services, training, and technical support for Canvas and other web and computer-based instructional tools.
  • Computer/web-based multimedia instructional materials for instructional and administrative use and assists faculty to integrate computer-based multimedia into coursework.
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