The online system blocks enrollment for internship credit hours until a section is opened up for each individual, after the application and interview process has been completed and approved by the department internship coordinator, Dr. Cynthia Jeney. A section will be opened for you afterward, and you will be given a CRN# to use in locating your internship course section. Don’t forget, if you need internship credit hours to complete your major or minor, you need to apply during the semester previous to the semester in which you plan to serve your internship: Internships are for Juniors and Seniors — if you are planning to sign up for the first semester of your Junior year, you need to apply and interview with the EFLJ Internship Coordinator during the preceding (i.e. sophomore) year.

1. Download (access) or pick up in person a copy of the internship application.

Application forms are available:
—paper copies in the box outside Dr. Jeney’s door
—paper copies in the EFLJ front office work room (a receptionist can help you)
—directly download it here:

2. Fill out and submit a hard copy of the application to Dr. Jeney’s mail box in the EFLJ (Eder 222) work room.
Note: Respond completely and seriously. The amount of information on the application will correlate with the resulting ability to match you with an appropriate internship (example: include your campus email address in your contact information, explain what kind of work you wish to do and what you would like to accomplish with your internship).

3. Make sure that you will have at least Junior status when your internship begins.

4. a. If you already are lining up an internship with a local employer or department on campus, explain fully where this internship would be served, and outline the duties involved.

b. If you do not have an internship lined up or would like Dr. Jeney to locate one for you, be prepared to list in detail the kinds of positions you would be interested in taking for your internship (i.e., on or off campus, technology-rich, small or large business, news organization, sports-related, etc.)

5. Contact Dr. Jeney for an internship interview, or sign up for an appointment on Dr. Jeney’s office door during advisement week — be sure to sign up at least two business days in advance, so that I know you are coming.

6. Your ability to make and keep an appointment, be on time, show up with a positive attitude, and contribute to the interview process will affect the impression you make as the internship coordinator communicates with campus and local internship supervisors.

If you have questions please email Dr. Jeney at