Summer 2024 Academic Probation Information

July 23, 2024 Grades will be posted and academic probation calculated. Students are not academically suspended following a Summer term.
July 23, 2024 Probation letters will be emailed to the student’s Missouri Western email account. Students on academic probation should carefully review the Table of Academic Standards for GPA requirements.
Probation and Suspension Policy for Undergraduate Students
Probation and Suspension Policy for Graduate Students

Guidelines for Review of Appeals Submitted by Academically Suspended Students

When reviewing an appeal submitted by an academically suspended student, the Academic Regulations, Standards and Honesty Committee must follow a procedure consistent with the current University catalog. The Committee may reinstate a student based on documented circumstances beyond the student’s control or because their GPA is adversely affected by grades over ten years old.

Each of the following must be satisfied for reinstatement:

  1. Determine if the student experienced circumstances beyond his or her control.
  2. Determine if these circumstances were actually the cause of the student’s poor performance.
  3. Determine whether the student has provided documented evidence supporting claims that such circumstances caused the poor performance.
  4. Determine whether documented evidence has been provided that these circumstances have been alleviated for the coming semester.
  5. Determine, based on the student’s past academic record, if he or she has a reasonable chance of success if reinstated.


  1. Determine whether eliminating ten year old college credit from the student’s GPA calculation would alleviate the circumstances leading to their suspension.
  2. Determine, based on the student’s academic record and individual circumstances, if the student has a reasonable chance of success if reinstated.

Examples of conditions that would warrant an appeal might include a lengthy hospitalization or illness of the student, their spouse or child or the death of the student’s parent, spouse, or child. Appeals must be submitted using the online suspension appeal form and should be detailed and specific about how circumstances prevented good academic performance and how the adverse circumstances have been remedied for the next semester. The student must provide supporting documentation. For example, if the appeal is based on illness or accident, medical support should be included.