“Kickstart was very welcoming and efficient!”

H.C., Kickstart 2023

“This is something not only first-gen students should use, but everyone should.”

A.L., Kickstart 2023

“Today’s session helped me feel better about Missouri Western.”

C.T., Kickstart 2023

“Kickstart was very informational, very helpful.”

S.W., Kickstart 2023


What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a pilot program aimed toward incoming first-generation students.  With a variety of topics and interactive opportunities, students will connect and prepare for success early on.

Kickstart is:

  1. In-person, one-day event
  2. By invitation
  3. Small (approximately 22-24 people per day)
  4. Hands-on and interactive

Kickstart provides an immersive experience that aids students in many areas they will encounter during their time on campus. Combined with key partners across campus, students will strengthen skills to build academic confidence during their first year.

Register for Kickstart by clicking the link in your email invitation. If you did not receive an email invitation and are interested in this event, please email Susan Garrison at garrison@missouriwestern.edu or call the CAS front desk (816) 271-4524.

Kickstart Dates and Times

June 6

June 13

July 10