Grant Proposal Routing & Approval Form Finance & Administration
Academic Honesty Violation Report Academic Affairs
Syllabus Template Academic Affairs
Provost’s Strategic Initiative Allocation Application Academic Affairs
Alumni Database Request Form Alumni
Additional Hours Approval Form Registrar
Core 42 Advising Worksheet Registrar
Adjunct Hiring Form Human Resources
Adjunct Semester Summary Form Academic Affairs
Change from Established Transfer Course Equivalent Academic Affairs
Classroom Recording Consent Form Academic Affairs
Course Fee Form Academic Affairs
Course Substitution and Waiver Form Registrar
Field Trip Request Form Academic Affairs
GAC Proposal Form Academic Affairs
Incomplete Grade Contract Form Academic Affairs
Major/Minor Change Form Registrar
Major/Minor Declaration Forms & Sample Programs Registrar
Permission to Miss Class Form Academic Affairs
Revised Grade Report Form (Graduate) Registrar
Revised Grade Report Form (Undergraduate) Registrar
Special Topics Request Form Academic Affairs
Budget Adjustment Form Accounting
Foreign Travel Info & Spreadsheet Accounting
Mileage Reimbursement Form Accounting
Travel/Professional Development Request Form Academic Affairs
Trip Report Academic Affairs
Absence Report Form Payroll
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical Claim Form Human Resources
COVID-19 Employee Positive Case & Close Contact Reporting Human Resources
Confidentiality Agreement Human Resources
Crisis Leave Request Form Human Resources
Direct Deposit Authorization Form – Contact HR if changes are needed Human Resources
Employee Information Form Human Resources
FSA Reimbursement Request Form Human Resources
HSA Payroll Deduction Form Human Resources
Identification Card Verification Form Human Resources
Paid Parental Leave Request Form Human Resources
Part-Time Employee Request Form Human Resources
Position Posting Request Form Human Resources
Personnel Action Form – Students Student Employment
Tuition Reduction Program Application Human Resources
Voluntary Salary Deferral Agreement Form Human Resources
COVID-19 Pandemic Leave Request Form Human Resources
Remote Work Agreement Human Resources
Return to Work Acknowledgement Human Resources
W-4 MO Payroll
W-4 Fed Payroll
Additional or Outside Employment Human Resources
Business Card Order Form Human Resources
Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire Human Resources
Staff Development Application Human Resources
Staff Performance Evaluation Form Human Resources
Student Employment Corrective Action Plan Student Employment
Employee Incident/Injury Report Form/Workers’ Compensation Form Risk Management
Key Request Form: Interior Door Physical Plant
Key Request Form: Exterior Door Physical Plant
Key Pickup Authorization Form Physical Plant
Key Request Form: Interior Door (Student) Physical Plant
Fuel Cloud Access Request Form Physical Plant
Project Request Form Physical Plant
Deposit Slip Business Office
Authorization of Payroll Deduction for Meal Plan Payroll
Marketplace Set Up Form Business Office
Procurement Card Application Accounting
Procurement Card User Agreement Accounting
Gift Form Accounting
Procurement Card Missing Receipt Form Accounting
MWSU Funds Transfer Correction Form Accounting
Petty Cash Voucher Accounting
SCT Fund/Organization Request Form Accounting
W-8BEN Form (Instructions) Accounting
W-8BEN-E Form (Instructions) Accounting
Capital Inventory Additions Form Accounting
Physical Inventory Certification Form Accounting
Physical Inventory Checklist Accounting
Asset Cannibalization Request Form Accounting
Asset Fabricated Assets Form (Instructions) Accounting
Asset Trade In Form (Instructions) Accounting
Asset Transfer Form: Department to Department Accounting
Asset Transfer Form: Within a Department (Instructions) Accounting
Reconciliation Report Accounting
SS1 Surplus Form (Instructions) Accounting
Surplus Inventory Disposal Form (Instructions) Accounting
Publicity Request Form PR/Marketing
Design Project Request Form Creative Services
Envelope Request Form Creative Services
Letterhead Request Form Creative Services
Name Badge Request Form Creative Services
Paper Request Form Physical Plant
Print/Duplicating Request Form Creative Services
Course Exam Accommodation Request Form Griffon Testing Center
Alcohol Use Approval Form Conferences/Events
Work Order Form Physical Plant
Vehicle Request Application Form Physical Plant
Accountability Report Foundation
Cash Receipts Form Foundation
Fundraising/Solicitation Approval Form Foundation
Payment/Refund Request Form Foundation
Payroll Deduction Form: Annual Fund & Gold Coat Foundation
Payroll Deduction Form: Western League & Arts Society Foundation
Travel Reimbursement Form Foundation
W-9 Foundation
Documentation for Standard Mail Form Mail Services
Banner INB Access Request Form Technology Services
Disrupted Attendance Notification Request Student Affairs
Accelerated Graduate Program Application Graduate
Adjunct Graduate Faculty Application & Reappointment: MWSU Faculty | Non-MWSU Faculty (NOTE: Click Create a New Account on the next screen to access the form) Graduate
Capstone Completion Form Graduate
Graduate Reference Form Graduate
Graduate Student Appeal Form Graduate
Graduate Transfer Credit Request Graduate
Graduate Budget Request Graduate
Graduate Faculty Application: MWSU Faculty | Non-MWSU Faculty (NOTE: Click Create a New Account on the next screen to access the form) Graduate
Graduate Faculty Re-Appointment Application Graduate
Graduate Program of Study Change Form Graduate
Graduate Student Recruitment Funds Graduate
Graduate Assistant/Graduate Teaching Assistant Request Form Graduate
Capstone Bound Copy Request Form Graduate
Capstone Committee Approval Form Graduate
External Capstone Committee Member Application Graduate
Thesis Format Waiver Request Graduate
Permission for an Undergraduate to Enroll in a Graduate Course Graduate
CORE 42/MOTR Course Consideration Form [Instructions] Registrar
Sole Source by Justification Request Form Purchasing