Please read this section of the website if you are an international sponsored student or a student on a government scholarship. We currently have sponsored students from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Brazil.  If you are a sponsored student who has suggestions for this page, please email

If you are a sponsored student, please speak with your sponsor regarding the requirements necessary to maintain your scholarship.

If Your Sponsor Requires a Study Plan:
Contact your academic advisor at MWSU to help you make a study plan.

If Your Sponsor Requires a Transcript:

If Your Sponsor Requires an Enrollment Verification, you may print one out in Goldlink:

If Your Sponsor Requires a Copy of Your Class Schedule:
You may print one out in Goldlink at

What if I want to withdraw from a class?
If you withdraw from any course after the Add/Drop period, you will be responsible for part of the tuition and fees for the course(s) from which you withdraw. Please contact your sponsor regarding their policy on this.

What if I want to register for an online class?
Please contact your sponsor for their policy on online courses.  Some sponsors require approval before registering for a course.  If you are a SACM student, you will need to obtain and submit a separate Financial Guarantee for your online course.

Where do I send my financial guarantee?

Your sponsor may provide you with a financial guarantee and you will have to send a copy to the school.  Your sponsor may not let you register for classes without a financial guarantee.  Do not forget to renew your financial guarantee before its expiration date.

What if my sponsor provides medical insurance?
If your sponsor provides medical insurance, MWSU must approve the policy. If your sponsor does not provide approved medical insurance, you will be required to purchase a policy from MWSU.

What if I need to delay graduation and extend my scholarship?
Please contact your sponsor regarding their policy on extending scholarships.  If you are a SACM scholarship student, you need to submit a request for Scholarship Extension through the Student Portal.